Mike Dahlquist on BiteSize

Last week, our director / #1 homie / unapologetic fedora-wearer Mike Dahlquist (aka Mike Diva) stopped by BiteSize TV for an interview… where he showed a rough, teeny-tiny teaser for our upcoming steampunk music video for Savant.  F.Y.I. all hell breaks loose, like, immediately after this clip ends.  Check it, check it, check it.

Our Flosstradamus Mosh Pit Video Is Out

Last week, we reached our seizure-kraken (Flosstradamus Mosh Pit) on the internet.  Directed by maniac/director Mike Harris, our futuristic kandi kid club destroyer has garnered some press… here’s a roundup.

• Noisey: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/flosstradamus-casino-mosh-pit-official-video

• Hypebeast: http://hypetrak.com/2014/02/flosstradamus-featuring-casino-mosh-pit-2/

• Highsnobiety: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2014/02/20/watch-the-official-music-video-for-flosstradamus-new-single-mosh-pit-featuring-casino/

Julio Bashmore Peppermint

Biggest ups to director Noah Harris for his stop motion masterpiece for Julio Bashmore Peppermint.  As both fans of the genre and producers of music videos, we can honestly say this is one of the best we’ve ever seen.  Absolutely incredible, must watch.

#CasinosLaw Super Bowl Commercial

It’s the year 2014.  We all need to stop using the word “epic”.

But if the word “epic” was ever appropriately assigned to describe a commercial, it would be this Savannah, Georgia personal injury attorney Jamie Casino ‘s local super bowl commercial.  It’s incredible.  Greed, fire, sledgehammers, etc… this commercial has everything.  We didn’t make this… but omg do we love & respect whoever did.


Amazing “Devil Baby Attack” Prankvertising

In the words of our director Gille Klabin (who unfortunately had nothing to do with this video) “THIS IS HOW YOU PROMOTE A MOVIE.”  I have to agree.

The team marketing the film Devil’s Due made this incredible prankvertisement on the streets of New York.  It’s a perfectly-executed piece of prankvertising / branded entertainment – hilarious, memorable, not heavy-handed with the brand elements, etc – and we are a huge fan.  Big, big ups.  This... Read more »